Tatakoto brings
a modern laboratory
to the palm of your hand


Tatakoto platform collects anonymous aggregated statistics to show health trends on the world map.

How it works

Get a sample
Add a sample
to the cartridge
Insert the cartridge
into the device
Get instant results


Fast results
Lab-grade accuracy
Less expensive
Multiple users


Tatakoto users can safely share their digital health information with doctors or other third parties for the a professional interpretation.
We integrate with:

  • Leading EHR systems in the US and EU
  • Wellness and fitness products and services

We offer a secure API for trustworthy third-party developers to create great health applications.

Security & Privacy

Personal accounts provide secure access to user’s information protected with multiple layers of advanced encryption. We also allow fully anonymous use, but this obviously disables personalized features.

Tatakoto is compliant with US and EU information security regulations, which means that personal health information is safely stored and cannot be transferred to any third party without the user’s explicit consent.

Areas of Application

Fitness & Wellness

We equip people with a technology allowing to make progress in understanding themselves. Tatakoto enables to track the essential set of health and wellness indices right at home and of cost that any household can afford.

With Tatakoto anyone can check hydration level, pH balance, oxidative stress, cholesterol and cortisol levels, vitamins and minerals intake, metabolism and diet efficiency.

Healthcare professionals

We offer an advanced tool for point-of-care testing across small hospitals and physician offices. Quick tests outside of a lab make diagnostics and treatments much easier and clearer for doctors and patients.

Mobile Applications

Provide your mHealth app users with the data they need to manage chronic conditions better. We collaborate with mobile health applications in the fields of prenatal monitoring, liver and kidney function screening, heart disease prevention, health of  the elderly, and many more.

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91 Wimpole Street,
Marylebone, London
+44 20 3709 5125